Clínica CosDent-Cosmética Dental e Implantes

Dental Cosmetics and Implants

At CosDent, we believe that each person possesses many distinctive qualities that set them apart from others. However, one of the essential and individual characteristics of every person is their smile. For over 25 years, our clinic has been committed to ensuring that each patient achieves their perfect smile, tailored to their unique needs and features.

Our team at CosDent utilizes state-of-the-art treatments to enhance the beauty of your smile. What sets us apart from other clinics is our dedication to crafting each piece in our own laboratory with the utmost care and precision, providing exceptional quality and excellence to our patients. We firmly believe that every patient deserves a perfect and distinctive smile.

To make the patient's experience as comfortable as possible, we have designed our clinical space to exude a calm and warm ambiance that makes you feel at ease throughout the treatment process. Our convenient location in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is also an advantage as you can easily access the clinic, being close to the best hotels in the area. Furthermore, for patients traveling by air, we are just 15 minutes away from the Juan Santamaría International Airport.